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”Art Show No Show”,

2021 ACCJ Japan ”Art Show No Show”, Tokyo, Japan. Koa Art Collection we rise a little over ¥ 300,000

“Art and BMW”

2018 Art for Charity IV “Art and BMW” @ Osaka, Japan sponsored by ACCJ Kansai to support FBK

Art and Saki

2016 Art for Charity II Art and Saki @ InterContinental Hotel Osaka KAG and sponsored by ACCJ Kansai to support FBK.

Fireball Tim

Create original designs and animation with  Fireball Tim Fireball Tim’s original designs.   Fireball Tim Lawrence is the preeminent Hollywood movie car designer …

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PBS Sprout 

2007, Collaborate with PBS Sprout, Comcast Kid’s cable television network, for a series of animated movies for their Sunnyside Up program in …

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