Fireball Tim

Create original designs and animation with  Fireball Tim Fireball Tim’s original designs.  

Fireball Tim Lawrence is the preeminent Hollywood movie car designer and has partnered with Cinema Vehicle Services to build some of the most famous movie cars.  He has designed exotic limited edition vehicles for over 50 movies and television commercials. Most recently he has been designing limited edition Mini Cooper vehicles. In addition to cars, Tim has conceptualized weapons, spaceships, and wild environments for films like Son Of The Mask, Escape From LA, Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Twisted, Mars Attacks, Speed, The Money Train, Batman Returns, Timecop and Gone In 50 Seconds, to name a few. Tim has developed Corvettes for General Motors Advanced Concept Center and stealth vehicles for Nissan International.  He has also developed vehicles for Disneyland’s futuristic New Tomorrowland and The Indiana Jones Ride as well as Universal Studios’ Jurassic Park Ride.

Tim is also responsible for All Star Vehicles for the hit TV Show “Monster Garage.” He is the host of www.myride.com an automotive internet buying site. Tim also has his own website, www.fireballtim.com. The Company is in discussions with Tim as to how he may be able to help promote the animated coloring kit. There may be the possibility of partnering with some of the studios and leveraging some of the relationships he has established. Tim contributes to 30 different blogs every day and this may be a good platform to stimulate some interest. In addition, he regularly participates in events at some of the largest malls and   several auto shows throughout the country and speaks at schools to large groups of kids. Clearly Tim has several platforms that he will be able to utilize to help us promote the coloring kits themed around his IP.