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We work with you to review and improve your busniess and marketing strategy and help you plan for the future with realistic objectives and schedule all this you will be intrudes in our Art and Animation concept sooner you signed sooner you know

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The ultimate goal is to create a strong community of buyers and collectors and strategic partnerships with galleries, museums, real estate developers and other media communities. This will be accomplished by working our extensive connections, attendance to several Art Fairs in Asia and aggressive PR and marketing of our collection to China, Singapore, and to a lesser degree Japan. Within 2 to 3 years we plan to extend our reach into India which is experiencing double digit growth similar to China with a similar expansion of the art buyers’ pool.


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We believe that a successful design is best achieved through collaboration. We want to work with you and listen to your ideas and feedback within your company whilst adding our experience.



Understanding your objectives for a website is key whether its to generate sales, aid customer service, to reinforce your gallery brand or provide information – defining this steers the project.



Effective communication starts with planning and defining your audience. Each user group needs to be analyzed to determine their interests, relevant content, suitable messaging and their goals.



We kick off projects with a workshop where a typical agenda includes defining the users personas, reviewing the existing site, looking at the system architecture and content, agreeing on the website technical functions



This is key to the design process as well as we need to evaluate the type and volume of content in order to design effectively.

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